Multevo launches two new models of the multi-purpose Multihog

Multevo has two new models of the multi-purpose Multihog available for demo in 2024.

Launched in the UK in 2010, the Multihog provides a versatile and efficient machine for use in applications such as highways, winter maintenance, cleansing and vegetation management. Two new models have now been developed to offer operators additional comfort and safety, improved service capabilities, and lower emissions.

The Multevo MX MK II is the most powerful unit in the range. Its 130hp engine provides increased power for heavy-duty applications such as winter maintenance at airports and on local and strategic road networks. Its. An increased rear load capacity for de-icer or salt reduces the frequency of refills.

The machine also offers a redesigned armrest with an integrated joystick and paddle control system for improved ergonomics and pre-set operating modes that can be customised for each task or attachment. It also comes with built-in live diagnostics.

The smaller CX MK II is ideal for maintaining hard-to-access areas such as car parks, cycleways, and town centres. Enhancements include an increased cabin size and easier access by operators, plus a new ‘push and go’ system for simple operation and better ergonomics and controls. The double-acting hydraulic functions are now controlled via fingertip paddles on the ergonomic armrest.

It also provides integrated onboard diagnostics and easily accessible side panels for easy servicing. Like the MX MK II, the model features pre-set operating modes for tasks such as snow clearance and grass cutting, reducing downtime and maximising efficiencies.

Both models now also feature a new engine with Stage V class emissions, making them much better for the environment.