TIP Group and P&O Ferrymaster undertake extensive fleet refurbishment strategy to reduce CO2 emissions

Through a comprehensive refurbishment process, TIP Group has embarked on a project to enhance the lifespan and reduce the carbon footprint of 304 curtain-sider trailers in P&O Ferrymasters’ fleet.

P&O Ferrymasters is a leading pan-European ferry and logistics group committed to converting intra-European transportation into multimodal solutions while simultaneously identifying alternative fuel types and transport optimisation tools across all modes. Its goal is to significantly reduce transportation’s environmental footprint. As part of this commitment, refurbishing the trailers that TIP has been leasing to P&O Ferrymasters, which has been in service since 2015, became a priority to drastically cut CO2 emissions and enhance sustainability while maintaining their reliability and performance.

By partnering with TIP Group, P&O Ferrymasters aims to significantly reduce carbon emissions through a comprehensive refurbishment program and give 304 trailers a second life.

TIP Group, which specialises in truck and trailer leasing, rental, maintenance, and repair services, will extensively refurbish these trailers, including, among other things, installing new roofs and new curtains and replacing brakes and air suspension systems. Additionally, maintenance and repair (M&R) work on the chassis ensures that each unit meets the highest safety and efficiency standards. Throughout the refurbishment process, TIP has offered trailer replacements to P&O Ferrymasters, minimising downtime and ensuring the logistics operations remain uninterrupted.

This refurbishment project brings numerous benefits to P&O Ferrymasters. By extending the lifespan of these trailers, P&O Ferrymasters can continue to rely on the existing fleet, reducing the need for significant capital expenditures on new units. The enhanced performance and reliability of the refurbished trailers will support P&O Ferrymasters’s operations over the next three years and potentially beyond under the leasing contract with TIP. Moreover, the project significantly contributes to P&O Ferrymasters’s sustainability goals by drastically reducing carbon emissions.

‘By refurbishing 304 trailers in collaboration with TIP Group, P&O Ferrymasters is significantly extending their lifespan and reducing our environmental footprint. This initiative aligns perfectly with our sustainability strategy, allowing us to reuse existing assets rather than discard them, ultimately enhancing sustainability. We are proud to partner with TIP Group in this endeavour, showcasing our commitment to more sustainable logistics solutions,’ comments Lieven Severijns, Chief Operations Officer of Landside Products, P&O Ferrymasters.

The partnership with TIP highlights the effectiveness of proactive maintenance and refurbishment strategies in the transportation industry. TIP Group has years of experience overhauling trailers, with various experts specialising in trailer refurbishment. This expertise makes asset overhaul a favourable option, quickly providing customers with high-quality refurbished equipment while significantly reducing their CO2 footprint.

‘This well-managed project is another way for TIP to extend our service to our long-lasting customer, P&O Ferrymasters, by helping them to have the best fleet of trailers available for their daily operations all over Europe while at the same time reducing their CO2 emissions’ says Peter Jan, Vice President TIP Benelux.

Refurbishment vs manufacturing: reducing emissions

Embracing refurbishment supports TIP Group’s circular economy initiatives, fostering sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. This approach extends the life of existing trailers and diminishes the environmental burden of new trailer production. In the context of the P&O Ferrymasters partnership, refurbishing 304 trailers will prevent around 1,732.8 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted, highlighting the substantial environmental impact of this initiative. This project illustrates TIP Group’s dedication to sustainable practices and reducing its carbon footprint.

So far, TIP has successfully refurbished 256 of P&O Ferrymasters’s trailers, with the remaining 48 scheduled for completion by the end of June. This effort underscores the dual benefits of refurbishment: operational efficiency and significant environmental savings, reinforcing TIP Group’s commitment to sustainability in the transportation sector.