Haller Benelux acquires Geesinknorba collateral

Zoeller Group announced that it acquired the collateral of Geesinknorba in the Netherlands on January 1, 2024.

This move means that Zoeller Group won’t just take over the production location in Emmeloord but also the service locations in Amsterdam and Rijnmond/Vlaardingen. 

Zoeller Group will integrate the Emmeloord production location with its Dutch Hedel factory, which is already part of the Zoeller Group based in Mainz, Germany.

‘The takeover will open up new opportunities for growth and innovation,’ stated a spokesperson for Zoeller Group.

‘Together with our highly experienced team, we look forward to continuing the vehicle and body build in Emmeloord. Our goal is to reinforce our market position with an even wider variety of waste management vehicles, in which the GPM IV will play a prominent role, in addition to high-profile products such as the Zoeller X2 and X4.

‘We have since started essential product improvements for software and mechanical areas. We are determined to continue and guarantee reliable service and parts support for (existing) clients. All products from Geesinknorba and Zoeller will be marketed under the flag of Haller Benelux. Together, we will progress into a future full of enthusiasm, where we continue to deliver the most optimal solutions for the waste industry.’