VisionTrack joins Together for Safer Roads Board in a stand against the global road safety crisis

VisionTrack, a leading provider of AI video telematics and connected vehicle data, is taking a significant new role in the fight against worldwide road deaths and injuries. CEO Simon Marsh, and President of Global Sales, Richard Kent have been appointed to the Governing Board of global NGO, Together for Safer Roads (TSR) to help shape the response to the road safety crisis and support the Vision Zero initiative.

‘We share TSR’s vision to create a world where roads are safer for everyone, so Richard and I are honoured to be joining their Governing Board and expanding our roles within the organisation,’ explains Simon Marsh, CEO of VisionTrack. ‘With traffic fatalities near historic highs in many countries, there needs to be a collective effort amongst governments, the public and private sectors, health and safety organisations, and technology innovators to prevent these tragic road collisions.’ 

VisionTrack will serve on the board alongside leading executives from Anheuser-Busch InBev, Republic Services and UPS. VisionTrack has a strong relationship with TSR, having started working with the organisation in 2021 and entering into a membership agreement last year. The collaboration to improve road safety is gathering pace, with VisionTrack contributing advanced AI video telematics to TSR’s Truck of the Future pilot program, which aims to eliminate collisions between HGVs and other road users through enhanced driver visibility.

Andres Penate, Board Chair and Global VP Corporate Affairs at Anheuser-Busch InBev, commented: ‘On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are thrilled at this announcement. Together for Safer Roads is at our best when we have innovative, safety-driven companies all working together. VisionTrack is a leader in their field and will help strengthen our organisation’s ability to drive progress and save lives.’

Peter Goldwasser, Executive Director of Together for Safer Roads, added: ‘VisionTrack possesses invaluable road safety, Vision Zero and technology expertise, so we are excited about them joining us and making a major contribution to our global ambitions. Simon founded VisionTrack based on an ethos of reducing injuries and saving lives, having seen first-hand the devastation caused by fatal road incidents, while Richard has spent over 20 years improving road, driver and pedestrian safety for some of the world’s largest fleets.’

Richard Kent, President of Global Sales at VisionTrack, said: ‘As true advocates of road safety, we are hugely grateful for the work TSR is undertaking and want to play our part in helping eliminate traffic deaths. VisionTrack is at the forefront of AI-powered fleet safety systems. We aim to use our unrivalled expertise to share industry best practices and determine how vehicles can best use the latest technology to avoid road collisions.’