Lewes District Council adopts fleet efficiency and safety products from Vision Techniques 

Lewes District Council has commissioned Vision Techniques to install a range of road safety products, including VT Solar and the 3D overview system, across its 40 waste management vehicles. 

VT Solar applies ultra-thin solar panels to a vehicle roof, with the panels connected to an intelligent charge controller that interfaces with the vehicle battery and alternator. Vehicle emissions are reduced by harnessing the sun’s energy to power ancillary equipment.

The 360° 3D Overview system offers surround view monitoring with no blind spot to ensure enhanced safety. By using panoramic image synthesis technology. The system can simulate a 3D real driving scene on the in-cab display, aiding driver awareness while increasing road safety usage. 

Nigel Jones, Service Manager at Lewes District Council, said: ‘As a local authority, we are always searching for innovative products that can lessen the impact of our fleet on the environment – however small or large they are. Wherever we can reduce emissions, we will do it – it’s one of the main reasons we opted for the VT Solar product.  

‘We also want to ensure a fleet that operates safely, and the 3D Overview system helps us achieve that objective.’ 

Dave Smith, General Manager, Vision Techniques, added: ‘Demand has increased for new technology that will improve fleet performance and help reduce emissions while ensuring drivers have access to the best technology available to operate safely.   

‘Our business’ purpose is to help our customers keep their people safe and other road users, and we’re privileged to work with Lewes District Council in helping them achieve their objectives.’