Sid Sadique launches a rising star in the North

Prominent national entrepreneur Sid Sadique has stepped up to relaunch Mercedes-Benz dealership Roanza Truck & Van as eStar Truck & Van, which will also become the first Electra Commercial Vehicles authorised dealership.

Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles in the North West and North Wales has a new name, and the business leader behind the launch of new dealership eStar Truck & Van promises an exciting future for clients and colleagues alike. When the former franchisee of Roanza Truck & Van fell into administration, Sid Sadique, Chairman of NRG Fleet Services and Electra Commercial Vehicles stepped in to buy most of the assets. His intervention has ensured continuity of service for the vast majority of the dealership’s customers, while also saving some 340 jobs.

First authorised dealership for Electra

eStar Truck & Van has been awarded sales franchises for both Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Mercedes-Benz Vans at its predecessor’s facility on Deeside, and for Mercedes-Benz Trucks at Stoke and Trafford Park. It will also be the first authorised dealership for Electra Commercial Vehicles, the zero-emission truck OEM launched by Sid in 2017.

Roanza Truck & Van went into administration on 8 September. Sid completed the acquisition the same evening. He also signed the franchise contracts with Mercedes-Benz Trucks, and Mercedes-Benz Vans shortly after that.

Sid acquired his first franchised Mercedes-Benz dealership in 2018. He teamed up with brothers Steve and Paul Rooney to purchase Sparshatt Truck & Van.

Leading franchise for electric vehicles

Part of the eStar vision is to become the leading franchise for electric vehicles for the emerging EV markets. The e Education centre in Trafford Park will showcase Mercedes-Benz’s EV range as well as Electra Commercial Vehicle EVs. Customers will be able to get access to test drives, accurate technical and operational information in a relaxed environment.

‘We are determined to take the lead and help operators as they make the transition to electric power,’ adds Sid. ‘Our priority will be to establish an eEducation centre where we can showcase the fully electric, zero-emission Mercedes-Benz eVito and eSprinter vans and FUSO eCanter trucks alongside Electra Commercial Vehicles trucks.

One-stop-shop for the whole country

‘eStar offers an excellent opportunity to embed further the range of services, the various companies I own can provide to clients, in the North West but also nationally,’ says Sid.

‘The breadth of service and the national footprint of the assistance we can offer from the NRG (RTR and DTM), Sparshatt, eStar, Electra, and Codesmith portfolio is genuinely astounding. We are now a real one-stop-shop solution for anyone running commercial vehicles. We can cater to everything from a small van or car to a full 44-tonne rig.

At the same time, the Electra brand offers comprehensive knowledge and products to a growing industry sector wishing to go zero emissions.

‘For the eStar brand, we will be using positive “e” words like “energy”, “enthusiasm”, “electric”, “excitement”, and “efficiency” to highlight our services and products.’

Sid is now focused on putting together a management team to lead eStar Truck & Van forward.

‘You will always face challenges with a new venture, but there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this business. It needs investment, but in the form of time, not metal, or facilities, or even money. What we will be looking to do, therefore, is inject new energy and enthusiasm, as well as some fresh ideas about the way we do things, to reflect the way the world is changing. It is already apparent that we have inherited some excellent people, and it will be nice to give them something to look forward to.’

The business model will also exploit online sales channels. ‘We don’t need yards full of product so people can come and kick tyres.’