Copeland Borough Council urges residents to keep green with smart vehicle messages

Copeland Borough Council and Roadvert have introduced the image of a whale in the deep blue sea in conjunction with the launch of Recycling Week.

Roadvert’s Spedian graphics form the focal point of the latest in a series of campaigns between Roadvert, a UK vehicle graphics specialist, and Copeland Borough Council. It is designed to educate residents on the importance of waste reduction, plastic waste reduction and recycling.
Emblazoned on three of the borough council’s refuse vehicles the image has taken to the streets of Copeland this week. Over the coming weeks and months, the trucks will head down every road in the borough, giving the council a prime opportunity to communicate the message to the local community.

Crucial communications
Jan Boniface, Waste Management Officer at Copeland Borough Council, said the refuse vehicles form a crucial part of the council’s suite of communications. She comments: ‘We use a range of methods to communicate with our residents, and messaging on refuse vehicles that visit every street in the borough forms a key part of this approach.’

Safety messages
‘We have enjoyed a successful partnership with Roadvert for a number of years. We have been able to develop a range of compelling messages which have been displayed to residents across the borough, most recently during the height of the pandemic with both the Stay At Home, and Wash Hands – Stay Alert messages on our vehicles. Indeed we are still communicating the latter message to our constituents as the pandemic continues.’

Maximum impact
Jan says while all campaigns are designed to be eye-catching, they must remain current so as to have the maximum impact.
‘Plastic is topical, and now David Attenborough has brought such issues to the forefront again with his latest programme, Extinction. With his documentary series still at the top of people’s minds, we are hoping our latest campaign will also go at least some way to reigniting people’s passion in reduction and recycling. It has been made easier with the help of the team at Roadvert, which is always extremely pro-active in helping us get our ideas off the ground.’

Making a difference
Lawrence Craig is the CEO of Roadvert, comments: ‘Copeland Borough Council has come up with an excellent idea for a campaign using its refuse vehicles to help remind residents on the importance of helping to reduce waste for the benefit of the environment.
‘We are delighted to help them kick off the campaign in Recycling Week enabling them to spread this message, in turn encouraging residents to think about how they can make a difference starting with their household waste.’