Veolia trial demonstrates significant savings for CO2 emissions from yellow plant

The latest trials on yellow plant by resource management company Veolia have demonstrated the potential to make significant carbon savings of 58% across its fleet of over 660 site-based machines. By working with vehicle manufacturers to optimise vehicle settings, training…

Fleets rack up more costs by drivers running vehicles on underinflated tyres 

ATS Euromaster reports that 12% of the vans and cars it sees under its fleet Mastercare programme run on below-pressure tyres.  The results, says the national tyre and maintenance provider, will increase running costs by 3-10% depending on the degree…

Biffa cuts fuel bills by specifying different axle ratios

Research by Allison Transmission has revealed that many commercial vehicle fleets could cut their fuel consumption by requesting different axle ratios to those routinely offered on new vehicles. This simple change to a truck’s specification costs nothing yet can significantly reduce running costs and carbon emissions. Savings will likely be most significant on duty cycles with frequent stop-starts around town or on minor rural roads.

Raising driving standards

The implementation of CMS SupaTrak’s telematics solutions has helped Ubico reduce its carbon emissions, lower its fuel bills, and assist drivers in adopting a safer style of driving.

Largest-ever retrofit order for Allison’s FuelSense 2.0 software creates Biffa huge fuel savings for its RCV fleet

Allison Transmission will retrofit FuelSense 2.0 software to 493 Dennis Eagle and Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks for leading waste management company Biffa.