Fleet Vision International – THE SHOW returns

Fleet Vision International –THE SHOW is back at the Guildhall on April 11 2024, and it’s bigger and better than ever. Have you registered to attend?

Fleet Vision International – THE SHOW is an unmissable event for the international fleet industry. The conference, exhibition, and awards are organised by Visie Communications and hosted by the City of London Corporation. Our partners include the City of New York, the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality, the SMMT and CLOCS.


The conference will be held in the Guildhall’s historic Livery Hall, and we are delighted to announce that New York City’s Keith Kerman, Chief Fleet Officer and Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, will co-host the event with Fleet Vision Internationals Editor Ann-Marie Knegt.

Keith is one of the most influential personalities in fleet and sustainability in the US. He serves 50 agencies, including NYC’s police and fire departments, and manages a fleet of 28,500 units, with an annual expenditure of more than US$1 billion and 1,800 staff. As well as co-hosting, Keith will also give a presentation in which he will discuss the city fleet’s pioneering approach to the use of biofuels, renewable diesel, EV adoption and charging, telematics, fleet safety through Vision Zero, and shared services.

‘The transportation industry is on the verge of extraordinary and rapid change, impacting emissions, safety, technology, and costs,’ says Keith. ‘These changes are international in scope, and we must work together across political boundaries and with private and public fleets to lead these efforts. FVI – THE SHOW helps us do just that. 

‘Over the last few years, DCAS Fleet Management has been honoured to work with and co-present along with our UK partners, including the City of London Corporation, WCRAQ, Fleet Vision International, and others on issues related to sustainability, climate change, electrification, alternative fuels, and the challenge of saving lives on our roads. Through our joint efforts, we have advanced solutions for fleets worldwide and encouraged and supported new partnerships, including with various cities in Canada, Australia, and the European Union.’

Keith and Ann-Marie will guide you through a conference programme full of innovation and new technologies to help fleets transition to cleaner fuels, adopt the optimum infrastructure, reduce pollution, and improve the safety, well-being and retention of staff.

Alternative fuels

In the first keynote, hear from Hannah Bryson Jones, Founder and Director of Delta H, about how the H2Accelerate consortium advocates a collaborative approach to unlocking zero-carbon transport with hydrogen and achieving a rapid roll-out of hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure.

The H2Accelerate collaboration has been working together for the last three years to enable low-carbon hydrogen for transport, with members including vehicle manufacturers Daimler Truck, Iveco, and Volvo and hydrogen infrastructure players BP, Linde, Shell, and TotalEnergies.

Hannah’s presentation will address upcoming UK and European mandates requiring fleet operators to switch from fossil-based transport to zero-carbon alternatives. She will also discuss the advantages of hydrogen for heavy-duty, long-range applications, and its vital role in decarbonising the heaviest transport applications.

Meanwhile, William D. Lamb, Director for EBU Product Strategy at Cummins, will give a presentation on fuel-agnostic engines, focusing on the next generation of heavy-duty internal combustion engines. He will address the big picture in terms of the commercial vehicle market and its powertrains and explain what is meant by ‘fuel-agnostic engine’, including how this can help the sector’s decarbonisation journey and the technical features required for a flexible future engine platform.

Road safety

Scott Wilding, Principal City Planner for Transport for London, will discuss the Direct Vision Standard Phase 2 updates and the Progressive Safe System. He will examine the impact of the DVS on road safety and how it affects HGV operators in London, as well as looking ahead to where TfL will take the standard in 2024 and what operators need to do to prepare. 

Hear about using the FHOSS cycle lane to improve fleet safety from Gareth Jones, Group Fleet Compliance Manager at Speedy Services. The business has been upgrading its fleet of the future and using the River Thames to make deliveries to enhance the safety of vehicle movements and other road users. 

Gareth will discuss how Speedy and FHOSS have invested in the research and development of this innovative safety solution.

‘The FHOSS Cycle Lane creates an innovative illuminated and audible warning system on the left side of large vehicles to prevent collision and crush injuries to cyclists. With Speedy, this product has been developed to provide illuminated lines from the lorry-mounted crane outriggers to warn the operator if a pedestrian walks into the operating area.’


Westminster City Council and Veolia UK have rolled out the UK’s largest electric refuse collection fleet powered by its own energy-from-waste facility. WCC’s Contracts Manager Ed Yendluri, who led the project, will present how the council achieved this world-first for the municipal fleet industry.

‘Westminster City Council’s most ambitious fleet decarbonisation project has successfully eliminated over 2,000 tonnes of CO₂ emissions from Westminster’s streets. During my talk at Fleet Vision International – THE SHOW, I will share our insights into how to transition to cleaner propulsion while reducing infrastructure costs and implementing a strategic vision in driving environmental change.’

Driver and technician shortage and staff retention

As a shortage of HGV technicians continues to affect the industry – and is predicted to worsen – Fleet Vision International – THE SHOW will spotlight solutions to help businesses retain and attract staff while improving well-being.

Jenny Cook, Chief People Officer for NRG Riverside, will explain how NRG has implemented initiatives to improve the company culture and deal with issues such as training, pay and the work environment. 

Jenny Cook says: ‘I will discuss tangible solutions you can implement immediately to help staff thrive. These include simple steps you can take in the workplace that have a considerable impact not just on your people but those in the broader communities where you operate. I will also cover well-being initiatives that have worked in SMEs and global businesses.’

Other speakers at the conference include Ryan Bushell, Head of Public Sector at Enterprise Mobility, who will talk about Enterprise’s decarbonisation journey and sustainability programme, and Mark Longden from RSL Automotive, who will discuss an automatic tyre alignment system supported by UKRI and developed by Imperial College, which helps reduce tyre pollution and creates significant fuel savings.

Register for Fleet Vision International – THE SHOW here.