Essex Bulk Services enhances sustainability with Mission Zero accreditation

Family-run transport business with a fleet of 122 vehicles, Essex Bulk Services Ltd (EBS), has completed the Advanced Sustainability Accreditation with Mission Zero, a quality standard for the fleet sector.

EBS recognises that Sustainability in the transport sector impacts more than simply emission levels. As part of the company’s overall sustainability strategy, and in addition to already completing the Mission Zero Work-Related Road Risk Silver and Gold advanced modules (both recognised by Transport for London as equivalent to FORS Silver and FORS Gold), Essex Bulk Services can now boast Advanced Sustainability under their Mission Zero Accreditation.

Mission Zero provided EBS with a realistic framework for achieving a long-term sustainable transport operation as part of the accreditation. Joining Mission Zero has influenced the company’s overall sustainability strategy, goals, and initiatives.

In addition to crucial sustainability elements around vehicles, fuels, and emissions, the Mission Zero Standard and the Mission Zero+ Advanced Sustainability Modules incorporate additional sustainability requirements covering areas such as the reduction of single-use plastics, energy-efficient devices, health & wellbeing, equality & diversity, the gender pay gap, and much more to ensure a more comprehensive accreditation that also helps the fleet industry to align to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Craig Childs, Director at Essex Bulk Services, comments: ‘Sustainability is no longer just a corporate social responsibility initiative but a fundamental aspect of long-term success. Embracing Sustainability can lead to cost savings, improved brand reputation, enhanced innovation, and long-term resilience. Employees increasingly seek employers who prioritise sustainable practices, fostering a sense of purpose and job satisfaction. Engaging employees in sustainable initiatives has helped boost morale teamwork, and attract and retain talent. In addition, customers are increasingly conscious of their ecological and social impact and prefer to work with environmentally and socially responsible businesses.’

Childs comments: We are committed to the reduction of single-use plastics. For example, we have eliminated plastic water bottles and provided reusable water bottles to all our staff members. By making this change, we’re reducing our environmental footprint, showing our commitment to protecting the planet for future generations and ensuring our drivers are always hydrated. We have also donated 20 trees to the National Trust as part of our ongoing sustainability strategy, helping to impact the environment positively. Operationally, we have benefited by reducing our CO2 emissions and exploring alternative fuel, HVO.’

Mission Zero is the UK’s fastest-growing fleet accreditation scheme. Through its alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Mission Zero has redefined the meaning of Sustainability in fleet accreditation standards. It provides companies with a realistic pathway to achieving long-term Sustainability. 

Nick Caesari, CEO of Mission Zero, comments: ‘Mission Zero is helping companies of all sizes to achieve a sustainable future. Congratulations to the entire EBS team on their Sustainability Accreditation. We are incredibly proud to have Essex Bulk Services as part of the Mission Zero family.’