r2c reports record levels of customer support success

Fleet software specialist r2c has reported record-high levels of customer service during the first quarter of 2024.

The firm logged 11,861 customer interactions from the 126,276 platform users in the period from January to March, with almost all—99.55%—resolved within four hours.

r2c monitors every customer interaction, whether through online chat, email, telephone calls, internet, or face-to-face. These can range from a forgotten password to more significant technical queries.

Managing director Debbie Fox said the first quarter’s results directly result from investments in new workshop software products such as finance Integrations and a continuing focus on expanding the customer service team.

She added: ‘We’re seeing more and more fleet workshops move to digital systems to streamline their operations and ensure vehicles are not off the road for a second longer than they need to be.

‘As this digital transition continues, we appreciate that customers need support and, in some cases, reassurance as they transition to a new way of working – we’re happy to do this and the results of our quarter one performance show we are providing very high levels of customer support.’

Marcel Zatko, recently promoted to head of customer operations at r2c, added: ‘During this period, call volume was up 10% because more customers are using our systems.

‘In that respect, it’s very encouraging to see our approach to helping businesses work well – when a customer has an issue, we resolve it very quickly and allow them to continue their work.

‘As well as more interactions with customers, we’re also seeing a shift in behaviour – up until a few years ago, all contact would have been either via the telephone or email. Now, however, online chat through the web has taken over as the largest single way for customers to interact with us.’

In addition to dealing with existing customers, the vast majority of training for new clients was completed well within the service guidelines set out in the same first quarter.

Marcel added: ‘We took on 104 new customers during the first quarter of 2024, and 79 of those were implemented and able to use the system within 36 days – our service level agreement states 45 days.’