Applied Driving and VisionTrack join forces to create safe driving solution

Applied Driving has teamed up with VisionTrack, a creator of AI video telematics and connected vehicle data, to develop a video-enabled safe driving solution. 

The companies will bring the benefits of automated risk reduction together, 360-degree vision and cloud-based video analysis for the first time to revolutionise fleet and driver safety.

‘This is a hugely exciting partnership that has the potential to transform how our fleet customers tackle driver and fleet risk reduction,’ explains Andy Phillips, Global Managing Partner at Applied Driving. ‘By providing access to the latest technologies and integrations, we are helping companies to build a safe driving culture that prioritises the welfare of drivers and other road users. Working closely with VisionTrack, we can take advantage of the latest advances in AI video telematics and the benefits this provides.’ 

Under the partnership, Applied Driving’s online web application Riskmapp will be integrated with VisionTrack’s award-winning IoT platform, This will enable fleets to optimise driver engagement and coaching by providing targeted training supported with relevant video and data insight. The solution will be able to utilise footage from around the vehicle, captured by forward, driver, side and rear-facing cameras, including a growing range of AI devices.

Footage of collisions and near misses will be uploaded to Riskmapp, assessed and verified by VisionTrack’s AI-powered post-analysis tool, NARA. It will be available for review by Applied Driving and the fleet customer and shared with the driver as part of Applied Driving’s Triggered TrainingTM functionality within its Companion+ solution. Video and supporting data will also be used where additional coaching and engagement are required, using real-life examples to encourage safer driving habits.

Richard Lane, Global Product Director at VisionTrack, commented: ‘We are passionate about road safety and committed to working with like-minded organisations, such as Applied Driving, to continually push the boundaries of what is possible. By integrating our AI video telematics with Applied Driving’s innovative, safe driving technologies and processes, we can develop advanced solutions that further mitigate the impact of road, driver and fleet risk.’