Scarab launches new hire division

Scarab Sweepers has launched new its hire division, Scarab Direct Hire, to provide its UK customers with Scarab’s road sweeping vehicles for a fixed fee with maintenance and support included.

Wide variety
Customers can choose from Scarab’s wide range of sweepers, including everything from versatile compacts to powerful truck-mounts and high-performance specialist solutions. The company’s support team will work with customers to ensure they get the right sweeper for their needs.
‘Hiring with Scarab puts our clients in greater control of their finances,’ said Paul Williams, Manager of Scarab Direct Hire.

‘Alongside our fleet of innovative sweeping vehicles, we have a wealth of expert knowledge to best equip clients with the correct tool to meet every cleansing target.’

Maximise cash flow
A Scarab Direct Hire contract allows customers to fix their costs, forward plan, and maximise cash flow with a single monthly payment. A full repair and maintenance package is included as standard, so customers don’t have to worry about unexpected maintenance or depreciation costs.
‘Scarab Direct Hire offers our customers a convenient solution to their street cleansing needs, with a single point of contact to help them define the optimal sweeper specification. Scarab’s experience and range of products are unrivalled, and Scarab Direct Hire is an excellent opportunity to offer our expertise to as many customers as possible while at the same time delivering our market-leading aftersales support along,’ concludes Paul Williams.