Green Machines is introducing GM 500H2, the first hydrogen fuel cell sweeper

Green Machines, a manufacturer of outdoor city cleaning equipment, has launched the Green Machines 500H2TM street sweeper with a hydrogen fuel cell that converts oxygen and hydrogen into electricity.

The latest member of the 500-series comes in an improved and more environmentally-friendly version. The GM 500H2 has been created based on the electric sweeper GM 500ze. However, it comes with many new features.

Guido Wagenmans, MD of Green Machines, commented: ‘Once again, we lead the way by becoming the first OEM that offers a hydrogen fuel cell sweeper in its portfolio. We are convinced that hydrogen will play a key role in reducing carbon emissions to reach ambitious global environmental goals.

‘The hydrogen fuel cell uses oxygen and hydrogen to produce electricity that powers the sweeper. The only by-product of the machine is water, which is another breakthrough in the field of outdoor cleaning smart solutions.’


The H2-POD solves the issue of having to invest in expensive H2 fueling infrastructure. The H2-POD is a flexible cartridge system that enables you to refill the machine whenever and wherever required, which takes away a significant hurdle against the adopting clean hydrogen.

Those who do have an H2-infrastructure in place can opt for the 500H2 with an installed fixed tank, which enables refuelling in just a few minutes. 

Another advantage of GM 500H2 is that it can be retro-fitted, meaning that everyone can switch to hydrogen. The owners of the current GM 500ze, which runs on Li-Ion batteries, don’t have to buy a new green machine to have the smartest sweeper. They can request an offer to change their Li-Ion Light Pack or Li-Ion Plus Pack type of GM 500ze with one of the two hydrogen options. 

Guido commented: ‘During a global pandemic, we should realise that the environment is under severe stress from uncontrolled human activity, threatening the survival of our society. We are dedicated to minimising our impact and maximising the effective use of resources. That’s why we have created the new GM 500H2. This is an utterly eco-friendly street sweeper and a smart solution for smart and green cities. We strive to achieve our vision by executing excellence in being the first in bringing new products and innovations to the market that will change the way we think and work.’

 Key features of the 500 H2 include:

  • Innovative power supply. 
    • The hydrogen is the cleanest fuel. It is produced from clean, renewable resources. When consumed in a fuel cell, it generates only water. 
    • Zero harmful emissions. No CO2 at all.
  • Refuelling in just a few minutes
  • Compared to a battery-powered sweeper like our own 500ze, the advantage of hydrogen also lies in the refuelling time. A hydrogen fuel cell sweeper like the 500H2 takes only a few minutes to refuel. This allows you to run the machine for multiple shifts. So, the same advantage as you are used to having with a combustion engine, but now with no noise and no emissions.
  • Maximum flexibility; 2 options!
    • The fixed tank type is an excellent choice for the cities that already have hydrogen refuelling infrastructure. It will provide a full-day shift. 
    • Any city can be smart and green with the H2-POD cartridge system since it works with replaceable H2- pods. This game-changing design offers you the chance to switch to hydrogen even if you lack the infrastructure. Replace the empty H2-POD wherever and whenever you want, and you are good to go in a few minutes. 
  • Swappable.
    • Owners of the predecessor GM 500ze do not have to buy a new machine. Green Machines are flexible, so they can purchase any of the two hydrogen options and replace their Li-ion batteries with hydrogen power. 
  • Silent. 
    • Both machines from the 500 series are incredibly silent. It isn’t easy to hear it even if the whole city is quiet. That makes this machine perfect for cleaning the streets near sound-sensitive environments such as schools and hospitals.
    • With its silent operation, compact design and small dimensions, the 500H2 are almost invisible to pedestrians.
  • Superior cleaning and dust control.
  • Due to its patented dust control systems, the 500H2 is the best solution to keep your city centre and pedestrian areas clean.