Fleet Vision International – THE SHOW

The international event promoting excellence in frontline fleet and essential services

27 April, 2023
Guildhall, City of London, UK

 “The transportation industry is on the verge of extraordinary and rapid change, impacting emissions, safety, technology and costs. These changes are international in scope and it’s critical that we work together across political boundaries, and with private and public fleets, to lead these efforts. Fleet Vision International – THE SHOW, helps us do just that.”

Keith Kerman, Chief Fleet Officer, Deputy
Commissioner, City of New YorK


Fleet Vision International – The Show is the leading international conference and exhibition aimed at fleet and transport managers, frontline fleet operations, and essential services.

Frontline fleet and essential services have kept our society operative during hugely challenging times, including the pandemic, Brexit, the global supply chain issue, the driver and mechanic shortage and other developments.

Held in the historic Guildhall, this unique conference brings active solutions for fleet managers aiming to optimise their operations while transitioning to net zero. The event resulted from a long-lasting relationship between the City of London, the City of New York, the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality, CLOCS, the SMMT, and Fleet Vision International magazine. Visie Communications organise the conference exhibition and vehicle demonstrations.

Location: Crypts, Guildhall, City of London

Fleet Vision International – The Show features international speakers who will address crucial questions, including sustainability, air quality, reducing emissions, fleet procurement, compliance, fleet and road safety, attracting talent to our industry, the supply chain issue and of course, sustainable vehicle propulsion solutions including electric and hydrogen technology.

Fleet Vision International – The SHOW’s programme provides a platform where fleet operators exchange knowledge and best practice. Showcasing a variety of global case studies, FVI – THE SHOW offers attendees real-life solutions and a deep insight into the future of their operations.

The event contributes to innovation and new ways of thinking. This forum delivers solutions to overcome the challenges of managing a frontline fleet during continually evolving political circumstances where the demand for essential services is ever-increasing. Benefit from examples of best practices and find out how major cities transition to net zero while having to address air quality issues.

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