ISS rebrands to Fleetclear

Fleet solutions provider Innovative Safety Systems (ISS) is bringing together its technology and software services under one new company brand – Fleetclear. 

Established over a decade ago to make commercial vehicles safer, the company has evolved into a complete fleet solution provider encompassing all aspects of vehicle and driver safety and compliance, including bespoke technology solutions. The new name, Fleetclear, communicates the company’s full scale of expertise in keeping fleets safe, effective, and legal.

Safety at the core

Gavin Thoday, CEO of Fleetclear, commented: ‘Safety is still at the core of our purpose, and our principles remain the same – innovation, integration, and collaboration. We will continue to develop innovative technology-based solutions to address the challenges faced by fleet operators in close cooperation with our trusted industry partners and customers.

‘However, we are a data-driven technology company focused on integrating systems to enhance future-proof fleets. We provide a complete end to end solution for vehicle and driver safety, efficiency, and compliance. The Fleetclear brand better reflects the full extent of our services.’

A market-leading vehicle safety and technology provider, Fleetclear designs, manufactures and installs its solutions to over 60% of local authorities in the UK and has a reputation for premium quality products and exemplary aftersales support.  

The Fleetclear web-based software application seamlessly integrates the company’s vehicle technology, fleet management, and tracking equipment to create a simplified and user-friendly way to manage assets and drivers. For fleet operators, the result is a clear picture of every vehicle and driver’s performance throughout every moment of operation with integrated video.

Fleetclear app

The Fleetclear app is a powerful tool for Fleet Managers to reconstruct any event in seconds with accompanying telematics and journey data. Advanced compliance modules and integrated operational efficiency elements ensure optimal performance across every area, regular software updates, and the ongoing development of new features.

Gavin added: ‘Ultimately, we provide everything you need for operational fleet management and safety in one place. By delivering accurate and usable data, we equip our customers with the information they need to maximise the output of their division, drive up safety standards and stay compliant.’

‘Fleetclear marks an exciting new era for us, and we are delighted that so many of our customers are already benefiting from this fully-integrated fleet solution.’