Announcing Fleet Vision International – THE SHOW!


Fleet Vision International is delighted to announce the launch of Fleet Vision International – THE SHOW, the international conference and exhibition promoting excellence in frontline fleet and essential services, which will take place at the London Guildhall on February 4, 2022.

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Deputy Commissioner for the City of New York, and Head of the Bureau of Support Services for the New York City Police Department, Robert Martinez, will deliver the keynote speech at the inaugural event. Commissioner Martinez will address how the NYPD fleet has faced the biggest challenges in its entire history over the last 24-months, including the Black Lives Matter protests and Covid-19.

NYPD’s fleet challenges

‘These have been tough times for the force and its fleet,’ said Commissioner Martinez. ‘During my presentation in London, I will reveal how the NYPD fleet management team dealt with the BLM protests while also facing the challenges of Covid-19. You will also find out how the NYPD overcame chip shortage issues and the Defund the Police movement. Attending this forum is a must because we will demonstrate international examples of best practices.’

Major city cooperation

Fleet Vision International – THE SHOW is hosted by the City of London Corporation, partnered with the City of New York and the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality. Fleet Vision International is the official media partner of the CPD-accredited event, which Visie Communications organise.

The conference and exhibition is the leading event for fleet, transport and workshop managers employed in complex and specialist operations. The conference is divided into four different sessions with leading speakers in the field. After, the keynote the conference kicks off with the Clean Propulsion and Emissions Reduction session, followed by Fleet and Road Safety, then Diversity and Inclusion, and ending on Electric and Hydrogen Infrastructure. 

World-class speakers

Speakers include Professor James Tate from the University of Leeds, Kevin Barcroft from Simply Waste/Biffa, Amanda Lyne from Ulemco, Nathan Wilson from Allison Transmission, Keith Kerman, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Fleet Officer of the City of New York, and William Rowe from Octopus Hydrogen.

In the Diversity and Inclusivity session, we will address the driver and mechanic shortage and discuss how to attract a more diverse mix of people to the industry to promote innovation.

Sharon Fleming, Director of Fleet Services, City of Calgary, will speak about the City of Calgary’s programmes to create a more diverse workforce in its fleet management department.

‘There continues to be a challenge in attracting women to the male-dominated fleet industry,’ said Sharon. ‘While there is more success in attracting men of diverse backgrounds to positions, operations can struggle with retaining them. This session will provide strategies to improve diversity and inclusion in a fleet operation, leading to many benefits for the organisation.’

Safety first

FVI – The SHOW will promote Direct Vision, CLOCS, FORS, Vision Zero, and other safety initiatives to an international audience during a special safety session with industry leaders discussing case studies and upcoming legislation. The event will highlight best practices in fleet management, raise questions, and promote the global adoption of these standards. 

Keith Kerman, Chief Fleet Officer for the City of New York

Join us at the show

‘The transportation industry is on the verge of extraordinary and rapid change, impacting emissions, safety, technology and costs,’ said Keith Kerman, Chief Fleet Officer, Deputy Commissioner, Chief Fleet Officer, City of New York, which is a partner in the event. ‘These changes are international in scope, and we must work together across political boundaries and with private and public fleets to lead these efforts. FVI – THE SHOW helps us do just that.’